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Custom sugar cookies add a special touch to any occasion. Each cookie is baked with love using the finest quality ingredients to create an unforgettable, flavorful experience. Each cookie design is handcrafted to tell a story that will create a wow effect no matter which package you choose. We take pride in creating custom edible art that will invoke positive customer satisfaction.

"Can I just...*Sigh*... Can I just say with happy tears in my eyes that I haven't tasted treats this good IN A LONG TIME! They taste like Kimone's Cake Art Studio summoned these cookies down from heaven to grace my taste buds with their presence. Not only are they BEAUTIFUL to look at, they're also MELTING in my mouth. Literally! Softly crumbling into blissful delight at every bite...I'll be having Kimone's Cake Art Studio for all No-Reason holidays from here on out."                                                                               

- Shawn B.



Prices are by the dozen and vary depending on the size and complexity of the design. All custom cookie orders require a 2 week notice. Please fill out the order form below and be as specific as possible for an exact price quote.

All packages include individual cookie packaging that is heat sealed for freshness along with a bakery box and formal ingredient label. Cookies can be wrapped as favors with ribbons, bows, or custom labels for an additional fee per dozen.

Bridesmaid Proposal Cookies




Gift sets include three large sugar cookies that are individually heat sealed and packaged in a bakery box with a bow.


​             Gift sets are perfect for:

                - Bridal party proposals

                - Baby announcements

                - Party Invitations

                - House warming gifts





3-4 shapes and icing/airbrush colors. Detailed decoration, such as florals, lettering, hand painting, airbrushing, and small metallic accents. Custom shapes can be requested. Cookie size: 3" - 5"

Alpha Phi Alpha Custom Cookies




Top of the line, completely customizable. Up to 8  different cookie shapes, icing/airbrush colors. Custom shapes can be requested. High end detailed decoration, including hand painting, metallic accents, detailed airbrushing, multi-layered icing, and piped flowers. Cookie size: 4" - 6"

NOTE: Ingredients used in our decorated sugar cookies includes dairy, wheat, and meringue powder. Flavor variations include additional ingredients such as almond extract. Please take note of these ingredients to ensure there are no allergy concerns. 

**Gluten Free and Vegan options available for an additional fee**


Cookies are available for shipping within the US. Cookies are individually bagged and sealed for freshness and protection.  The cookies are placed into a box with bubble wrap around each cookie. 

Shipping and handling for one to two dozen cookies starts at $25.  “Shipping” is postage, insurance and tracking.  “Handling” covers packaging materials and the time to pack it. 

The post office does not guarantee delivery date or insure against breakage.

**Please be aware that there is a risk to having your cookies shipped through the mail.**  Though the possibility is slim, the box could arrive late, cookies may break, or the box could be lost in transit.  Kimone's Cake Art Studio will not be responsible for lost, late, damaged or stolen packages once it leaves our possession.

Please keep the possibility of breakage into consideration when deciding how many cookies to order.

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