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The ultimate indulgence for cake lovers! Each box contains three cake slice flavors, carefully curated from our most popular flavors. Perfect for sharing with a loved one or treating yourself to a little luxury, our cake tasting boxes are the ultimate way to experience the best of our bakery.


Available for shipping once a month, the cake slice flavors are pre-selected from the flavor combination list every month, so you can look forward to a new and exciting flavor experience each time. Order now to indulge in our Luxe Cake Tasting Box.



    RUBY ROSÉ - Vanilla & Strawberry Cake infused with Rosewater, Strawberry Rose Buttercream, Ruby Chocolate Ganache Filling & Edible Rose Petals

    STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE - Vanilla Bean & Strawberry Cake, Strawberry Shortcake Crumbs, Strawberry Creme Buttercream, Fresh Strawberries

    VERY BERRY DELIGHT - Vanilla Bean Cake, Fresh Berries Compote, White Chocolate Buttercream, Mixed Berry Glaze

    CHOCOLATE FUDGE DELIGHT- Chocolate Blackout Cake, Chocolate Ganache Filling, Chocolate Fudge Buttercream, Chocolate Chips & Crispearls

    VELVETY RED VELVET - Red Velvet Cake, Cream Cheese Buttercream, Red Velvet Cake Crumbs (Walnut/pecan topping available)

    SALTED CARAMEL SWIRL - Chocolate Blackout Cake , Brown Sugar Buttercream, Salted Caramel Sauce, Chocolate Ganache

    ​24 KARAT MAGIC - Carrot Cake, Cream Cheese Buttercream, Cinnamon Sugar

    OREO OVERLOAD - Vanilla Bean Cake w/Oreos, Oreo Buttercream, Oreo Cookies

    ​RED VELVET OREO - Red Velvet Cake, Oreo Buttercream, Oreo Cookies, Red Velvet Cake Crumbs (Walnut/pecan topping available)

    ​BISCOFF COOKIE SWIRLS- Vanilla Bean Cake, Biscoff Cookie Buttercream, Biscoff Cookie Butter Ganache, Lotus Biscoff Cookies

    ​CARIBBEAN COCONUT RUM - Coconut Rum Cake, Coconut Rum Syrup, Coconut Buttercream, Shredded Coconut

    ​BIRTHDAY CONFETTI - Vanilla Bean Cake w/Sprinkles, Cake Batter Buttercream, Rainbow Sprinkles

    ​OREO CONFETTI - Vanilla Bean Cake w/ Oreos & Sprinkles, Oreo Buttercream, Rainbow Sprinkles, Oreo Cookies

    POP THE CHAMPAGNE - Champagne Cake , Strawberry Creme Buttercream, Chocolate Dipped Glam Berries 

    BANANA RUM CARAMEL SWIRL - Vanilla Bean Cake, Banana Pudding Filling, Vanilla Wafers, Bananas Tossed in Rum Syrup, Caramel Sauce, Whipped Cream


    Made in a facility that produces wheat, nut and dairy products. Known food allergens present including but not limited to: Wheat, Eggs, Milk, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Fish and Soy. 

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